Helping MitoKids

We are proud to be partnering again this year with for their annual fundraising walk. TJuly 2014 21his organization was created by a family who has first hand experience with the impact of Mitochondrial disease to help spread awareness and to support those families who have been burdened by medical hardship.

At least two-thirds of every donation will go toward medical and medical-related travel costs not covered by insurance.  One-third will go toward research for Mitochondrial disease which occurs when the Mitochondria inside of cells fail to carry out their primary functions.

Mitochondria are compartments found in every cell of the human body.  When they fail, cells lose much of their ability to produce energy and sustain growth.  Without properly functioning cells, entire organs can be damaged or shut down completely.

Children are  primarily affected by the disease and their lives can be severely compromised.  Common symptoms include: muscle weakness and pain, gastrointestinal disorders, poor growth, cardiac disease, liver disease, diabetes, respiratory problems, seizures, visual/hearing problems, and susceptibility to infection.

The Spry girls, pictured above and below, have been long time friends and clients of Goldorado Animal Hospital. All three of them are affected with Mitochondrial disease and require frequent care from specialists.

Their family provides around the clock care, including tube feeding, to help these wonderful kids have happy and normal lives. Unfortunately, there is no cure for Mitochondrial disease which is why research and support funds are so desperately needed. Read the rest of this entry »