Wildfire Season: Don’t Forget the Pets!

We are in the middle of fire season and it is a good a time as any to remind ourselves that disaster can strike at any time to any one of us, and when it does, we often have minutes, not hours, to gather our things and depart.

Historically, the worst of our fire season happens later in the fall so our message this month is one of being prepared:

  • All pet owners should have easily accessible leashes, carriers, and a three day supply of food and water ready to go in an evacuation kit.
  • If you have cats, a small litter pan (even a cardboard box will do) and litter should also be in the kit. Ideally, pet owners should also have copies of a pet’s most recent vaccinations.
  • Have neighbors who are aware of your pets and willing to help out, and offer the same to them. If there is an evacuation with short warning, you could save each other some major heartbreak.
  • Let rescue workers know you have animals in the house. The ASPCA has a free safety pack so you can place a sticker on your front window alerting personnel that animals are in the home.

  • If you have any questions about preparing your pets for an emergency, we would love to help so feel free to contact us anytime. Stay safe this fire season!