Your Guide for a Pet-Friendly Thanksgiving


Group of friends eating outdoor. Woman feeding her dog

Thanksgiving brings families together around the dinner table which includes every family member – including pets. It’s hard to withstand those puppy dog eyes any time of year, and can seem next to impossible at holiday meals during the “season of giving.” Despite all the begging though, most of our holiday foods can cause major issues for pets.

For the holidays we have compiled this helpful list of foods to help keep you have a safe and pet-friendly Thanksgiving.

The Good (in moderation):

Turkey — As a lean protein, turkey can be good for your cat or dog. Stick with well-cooked white meat and remove the skin, which can be hard to digest. Read the rest of this entry »

National Adopt a Senior Pet Month

Old Boxer DogYour new best friend might be anyone but new; he or she just might be a senior pet. November is “National Adopt a Senior Pet Month” and a time worth considering the many benefits of senior pet adoption.

Mature dogs and cats have many advantages when compared to their younger counterparts, yet are often the first to face death or permanent homelessness as adopters overlook them in favor of puppies and kittens.

How Older Pets End Up In Shelters

While senior pets are in shelters for many of the same reasons as younger animals, they are often surrendered or abandoned simply as a function of their age. Their previous pet parents may be ill or elderly themselves, and no longer able to care for them physically or financially. Some mature pets are given up by their families as they age, and become sick, incapacitated or simply unable to participate in activities they enjoyed as younger animals. Others are cast aside when their guardians tire of caring for them, or become intolerant of the inevitable infirmities of an aging pet. Read the rest of this entry »