We have had some steamy weather already this summer and more is probably on the way. While you and I tend to retreat to the patio with a chilled beverage, our dogs often miss out on all the cool fun. Here are some tips to keep your pets cool and protect them from heatstroke:

1. Harness the wind. Who doesn’t love a little wind in their hair? A breeze can make summer heat much more tolerable by placing a window or shop fan on the patio. Moving air helps cool by evaporation, and since dogs don’t sweat very much they need a very exaggerated effect to get a good amount of cooling.


2. Find some shade. While a large oak tree may not be available in every dog’s yard, relief from the sun is a great way to help your pup cool down. Collapsible shade tents are readily available from your favorite big box store and easily set up to provide shade.

3. Ice, Ice, Baby. Ice in the water bowl is always a welcome treat, ice can help lower a dog’s internal temperature. And while you are reaching for that third Otter Pop, include your pooch by making one of these dog friendly pup-sicles.

4. Do the doggy-paddle. If you don’t have a backyard pool or can’t make it to the lake, why not fill a child’s wading pool with cool water for your dog? Even if they are just standing there, foot pads are one of the most effective ways for dogs to dissipate heat.

5. Try some mist. One improvement we made to our house this year was patio misters which can lower the outdoor patio temperature by 20 degrees – great for dogs and people on a hot summer afternoon. They use very little water and make our backyard much more bearable.

6. Always carry water. Make sure that whenever you leave home, you carry plenty of water for your dog. A quart of bottled water can easily be frozen and kept cool in an insulated bag. Don’t leave home without it!


Stay cool out there and enjoy the summer with your pooch!