Just What the Doctor Ordered: A Primer on Cat Mental Health

A grey cat with gold eyes stares at the camera.

There are many health issues facing cats today, including (but definitely not limited to) obesity, diabetes, kidney disease, and dental disease. The thing to remember is that the majority of problems affecting today’s cats are preventable. 

The same is true for cat mental health. As long cats have everything they need in their environment, destructive or unwanted feline behaviors can be drastically reduced, resulting in happier cat . 

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Tried & True: The Necessary Guide to Cat-Proof Your House

If the idea of “cat-proofing” sounds more like an effort to keep cats out of the house, than keeping them safe while inside, you’re not alone.

The concept of cat-proofing your home is meant to deter accidental illness or injury to a cat or kitten while adjusting to their new home and throughout their time living there. Cat ownership is already a big responsibility, and in addition to all the stuff they need, it is essential to cat-proof your house before they even arrive.

All You Need is Love

To be a successful owner of a cat, all you need is love, right?

We wish!

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Transitioning a Litter Box Is Possible, When You’re Prepared

To say that cats are creatures of habit may be a bit of an understatement. In fact, they are deeply attached to their people and environments, and only truly feel at ease when their expectations are met. This is not to say that they are hard to please, but cats count on things being a certain way. And when they’re not, all bets are off. 

This is particularly true when it comes to their litter box. And why shouldn’t it be? Transitioning a litter box (from one place to another, changing quantities or style, etc) may seem like a daunting task to an owner that knows better, but it can be achieved without too much flack.

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Benefits for All: Crate Training 101

There are plenty of internet articles touting the “easy” way to crate train your puppy or dog, but no matter which way you slice it, crate training requires patience, gentleness, and positivity. With those three ingredients in mind, we’ll share some reasons crate training can be beneficial as well as our tips for success!

First Things First

Different people have different circumstances that may make crate training a good idea. Here are some common reasons:

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How to Introduce A New Pet to Your Current Pets

Introduce a new pet to your other pets with love and compassion.

Congratulations! You’re adding a new pet to your furry family. This time is exciting of course, but can also be stressful for both you and all the pets involved. When you introduce a new pet to your existing pets, there are some best practices to follow which can help alleviate everyone’s nerves. Below, we walk you through how to seamlessly integrate a new pet into your home.

How To Introduce A New Pet…

Because the old adage, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” is true in the case of how to introduce a new pet to your household, take special care in that initial meeting. We do recommend making introductions before you are fully committed to a new animal. It’s important to take things slow. If you need help, please call your team at Goldorado Animal Hospital.

Let’s get started!

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5 Tips to Keep Your Cat Vet Visit Stress-Free

For some cat owners (and vets!), a visit to the veterinary hoscrate_training_and_travel_in_catspital should earn them hazard pay…but it doesn’t alway
s have to be such an ordeal. Here are some simple tips that can make any feline’s visit more enjoyable:

1. Make your cat travel-savvy. Get your cat used to traveling by taking them with you on journeys in the car. Whether you are running errands or taking a road trip, starting at a young age will produce the best results.

2. Make the carrier your cat’s home away from home. Make it a comfortable resting, feeding or play location. Keep the transport carrier out and accessible in the home, not just when you’re taking your cat somewhere. Read the rest of this entry »