Many of us view our pets as family and treat them accordingly. And with increased awareness of what it takes to keep a pet healthy and well, we’ve seen our community of responsible pet owners increase every year. 

Regular wellness exams are the cornerstone of pet health, and we are continually impressed by how our pet owners ensure the wellness of their pets. We receive many questions about how best to care for pets, and in response, we publish a pet care blog each month. Our goal is to provide pet health information that is relevant and useful, and maybe even a little bit fun! 

We took the opportunity of the new year to look back at which topics you found most interesting, and have compiled them here. Please enjoy our top blogs of 2019!

Goldorado Animal Hospital’s Top Blogs of 2019

5. Avoid Standing Water, Prevent Canine Leptospirosis
Who knew puddles and ponds could be so dangerous to a frolicking, curious, and thirsty dog? A sloppy drink from standing water may not always get your pooch in trouble, but unknown water sources can absolutely be contaminated with dangerous bacteria called leptospira. Continue…

4. Pot and Pets: The Straight Dope
Since pot was first legalized, veterinarians throughout the state have seen a dramatic increase in cases of marijuana toxicity in pets. Pot and pets simply don’t mix, and it’s critical that all pet owners, regardless of whether or not they use the drug, be aware of its dangers to their furry companions. Read more…

3. Benefits for All: Crate Training 101
There are plenty of internet articles touting the “easy” way to crate train your puppy or dog, but no matter which way you slice it, crate training requires patience, gentleness, and positivity. With those three ingredients in mind, we’ll share some reasons crate training can be beneficial as well as our tips for success! Keep reading…

2. Red Eyes in Dogs: Cause for Panic or No Biggie?
If you notice your pet’s eyes looking red or irritated, you probably will want to know what is causing it. Goldorado Animal Hospital knows it can be hard for pet owners to know when to worry about these things, and we are here to help.  Read on!

1. Grain Free Pet Food and Other Potentially Fatal Fads
Grain free pet food, all meat diets, and other fad diets featuring “holistic” ingredients are nothing new. The veterinary community has long recognized that these types of pet foods are largely popular due to marketing with little, if any, scientific basis. Take a bite!

Happy New Year! 

We love being pet owners in Williamsburg. We look forward to writing more blogs in 2020. If you have suggestions for pet health topics to include, please give us a call or let us know the next time you visit.

From all of us at Goldorado Animal Care, we wish you and your family a very Happy New Year!