Happy Easter everybody! Our technician Julie had a new litter join the family (at least for the weekend anyways…) and brought them in for check-ups. It turns out that Peeps get “twitterpated” just like all our other animals so Dr. Prince recommended “fixing” these little guys so Julie wouldn’t be overrun after the holiday.


Thankfully our surgery team was up to the task and the patient was prepped for his procedure. Preanesthetic bloodwork, pre-operative pain medication, and sedation are all important steps we take to ensure the safety of every patient before surgery:


Special care is taken when monitoring a patient under anesthesia. At a minimum, the tools we use include pulse oximetry, electrocardiography (ECG), and blood pressure monitoring to ensure that every patient remains in good health throughout the procedure:


When performing any surgery, care is taken to be as un-invasive as possible. Keeping incisions small and reducing trauma help decrease recovery times and speed healing:


Dr. Prince is a little surprised with the size of our patient’s “equipment”!


After surgery, all of our patients receive constant attention to ensure they keep warm and have no lasting effects from anesthesia:


The operation was declared a success! We may have had a little fun with Julie today, but we also want this to be your seasonal reminder to spay or neuter your furry friends. Just in time for the spring we are offering our new Puppy and Kitten Programs which includes necessary preventative medicine, unlimited exams, and big discounts on routine spays and neuters! We look forward to seeing your new additions soon.

– Your Goldorado Team