Our boardinIMG_1213g facility within Goldorado Animal Hospital has the highest standards for both cleanliness and comfort for our guests. We pride ourselves in making your pet’s stay as comfortable as possible. We take into account their total health and make sure all their needs are being met. This past holiday weekend, our kennel attendants Leah, Alyssa, and Krissy even found a need one of our pet boarding clients wasn’t even aware they had.

One Lucky Pet Boarder

Lucy, a middle aged poodle mix, had been in for her annual  exam 2 months previously, and was found to be healthy and happy. She even had her annual bloodwork show that she was problem free. Over the memorial day weekend Lucy came to stay with us while her Mom was on a family trip. Our kennel attendants soon noticed that Lucy was drinking an abnormally large amount of water, urinating often, and tiring quickly during play time. Our staff give each of our guests individual attention and recognized that Lucy was not as healthy and happy as she should be.

Lucy Get’s a Checkup

After bringing it to my attention, we were able to quickly diagnose her with Diabetes. Thankfully, Lucy started treatment of this disease immediately before she could develop any further problems. Diabetes is one of those diseases that owners typically do not notice for several months because the symptoms are initially subtle changes like gradual weight loss and gradual increased drinking/urination. It could have been a long time before Lucy’s Mom (who loves her very much and takes great care of her!) would have even identified a problem, which could have led to more severe health complications for Lucy.

Happy Ending for our Pet Boarder

In this case, our kennel staff helped Lucy get the treatment she needed before anyone would have known there was a problem. Some of the advantages of staying in our boarding facility at Goldorado is our knowledgeable and caring kennel staff as well as the prompt attention of our medical team. We fill up fast around holidays, so be sure to give us a call and make your boarding reservations early!

– Dr. P