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Maybe you’ve heard the old adage, “a tired dog is a good dog.” This is true for many different behavior issues, preventable health problems, and even for your dog’s self esteem. While many of us struggle to meet our own exercise goals, our pets are usually struggling right along with us. Access to a backyard or property doesn’t guarantee a dog will get the amount of pet exercise they need – just like us they often need interaction and stimulation to be interested. A dog workout together will help everybody get moving!

Regular Pet Exercise is Essential

When a dog has too much energy, he’ll let you know! It’s true that regular pet exercise can help eliminate unwanted behaviors like chewing, garbage raiding, and excessive barking. More importantly, regular pet exercise can help keep dogs agile and limber, reduce tummy troubles, improve sleep quality, and build confidence.

Dogs are supposed to be active whether it’s hunting, herding, or protecting. Each breed is ingrained with a specific purpose, none of which includes lying on a doggie bed and waiting for us to come home from work. We owe it to our pups to help them reach their innate potential to feel fulfillment in their lives.

Let’s Address the Elephant in the Room

Obesity is the biggest concern your pooch faces if they aren’t exercising regularly. Obesity is a result of overfeeding and under-exercising your dog. Over 50 percent of U.S. dogs are overweight or obese. Obesity has serious health risks, including diabetes, heart disease, respiratory disease and liver problems. Obesity also affects joints, ligaments, and tendons – making it even harder to get your dog moving.

Nutrition Counts

It’s tempting to shower your furry friend with their favorite treats all the time – but remember, your dog loves walks too. High-caloric foods and an irregular diet can cause weight gain. Nutrition plays a key role in avoiding obesity. While every animals needs vary, our team can work with you to develop the right dietary plan to support any weight goals.

How Much Exercise Does My Dog Need?

Senior Couple Taking Dog For Walk In Countryside

If you’re taking your dog on daily walks, you’re off to a great start. Most dogs also benefit from daily aerobic  pet exercise as well as a 30-minute walk. Think of aerobic exercise, or “dog workout,” as anything that makes your dog pant. This could be running, swimming, jumping, or chasing, just to name a few. The best activities usually are ones that get both you and your dog moving! Get creative by using dog-friendly hiking trails, visiting a dog park, or taking a swim in a lake.

Regardless of where you both end up, exercise is a great way to enjoy time with your furry companion and it will help you both lead longer, happier, and more fulfilling lives!