pet loss support

Losing a cherished pet can be a heartbreaking and often traumatic experience. Many of us think of our four-legged friends as furry family members. The feelings of grief and loss we face when our animals pass away can be very devastating.

Pet Loss Support

Having pet loss support during this hard time is important.  Honoring a pet’s memory can be a valuable step in the grieving process and as we approach National Pet Memorial Day, we asked our Goldorado Team their favorite ways to cherish a loved one’s memory:

Animal Charities

Consider donating money, time, or supplies to a local animal charity or rescue. This is a wonderful way to honor your furry friend, as it can greatly help other animals in need. Some organizations in our area include 4R Friends,

Plant A Garden

Another way you can honor your beloved pet’s memory is to plant a memorial garden. Add flat stones decorated with pawprints and pet quotes to personalize it.


Do you have a smartphone? There are many apps that will make a favorite picture look like a sketch or watercolor such as Prisma. Print and frame a special shot for a lovely memorial.

Create Art

Look for a local pottery café, and make a vase or bowl inscribed with your pet’s name and/or nicknames. You can also paint a plant pot, or even a simple piece of tile. A scrapbook can be a wonderful way to remember your furry pal too. Add photos, medical and adoption records, and your pet’s collars and leashes.

Commission A Painting

Do you have a friend or family member that’s artistically gifted? Consider taking a favorite photo and having a painting made from it.

If you’ve recently lost a beloved animal companion, please accept our deepest condolences. We understand the strong bond of love between people and pets, and know how hard it can be to say goodbye to a cherished four-legged friend. When it comes to end of life care you can be sure that our team at Goldorado is here to guide and support you and your pet.