Can you name the 3 problems seen in these pictures?

1. These teeth are YELLOW – But why?

This puppy was given tetracycline (a type of antibiotic) as a puppy. This type of antibiotic causes a PERMANENT color change to the tooth enamel making those chompers look bright yellow!

2. There are “extra” teeth – But why?

Some puppies fail to lose their “baby” teeth when there adult teeth are coming in. In this example, the puppy has both the baby and adult canine teeth present.

3. This is a harder one… the lower adult canine teeth are too close together. But why?

Go back to problem #2 – The baby canine teeth are displacing the lower adult canine teeth inwards. This can be a huge problem as the adult teeth will hit the upper palate when the adult teeth are fully erupted. OUCH!

We may not be able to fix #1 since the color change is permanent, but we CAN fix #2 and most likely #3. We always check for extra teeth during a physical exam. If these baby teeth don’t fall out on their own, we can extract them, making room for the adult teeth to come in at the proper position. Dental care is super important, even for puppies and kittens!