6 Ways to Keep Cool During Those Dog Days of Summer

We have had some steamy weather already this summer and more is probably on the way. While you and I tend to retreat to the patio with a chilled beverage, our dogs often miss out on all the cool fun. Here are some tips to keep your pets cool and protect them from heatstroke:

1. Harness the wind. Who doesn’t love a little wind in their hair? A breeze can make summer heat much more tolerable by placing a window or shop fan on the patio. Moving air helps cool by evaporation, and since dogs don’t sweat very much they need a very exaggerated effect to get a good amount of cooling. Read the rest of this entry »

Dog Day at Cameron Park Lake



Rules were made to be broken, and hundreds of dogs did a fantastic job of that two weeks ago at the annual Pooch Plunge at Cameron Park Lake. The usual “No Dogs” statute was lifted for a day to raise funds for the next local off-leash dog park currently in development in El Dorado Hills. The lagoon at the lake is scheduled for its annual draining and cleaning later this month so the Pooch Plunge was the last public event of the season. The combination of cool water, dogs of all shapes and sizes, and tennis balls was the ideal recipe for both dogs and humans to enjoy a summer weekend!


Naturally, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a beach day with our patients. We were there with an endless supply of free training treats, water toy giveaways, water bottles to keep human companions cool, and a few raffle prizes. Dr. Prince was on hand with technician Chloe and manager Traci to answer health and training questions, fill any empty tummies, and make sure every participant had a fantastic day. Read the rest of this entry »