Got a pet problem? Don’t worry. There’s a pet app for that! Tablets and smartphones app marketplaces like iTunes or Google Play offer apps designed specifically for animal lovers with solutions to important pet issues.

We’ve seen a range of apps from the very functional to the downright silly so we decided to make this list of must-haves. They’re the ones that actually do what they’re designed to do, without making you want to tear your hair out in the process. Best of all, they’ll not only make your life more fun and easier, they’ll improve your relationship with your pets and make you a better advocate for their health and wellness.

Category: Emergency Pet Apps

If you find yourself in an emergency situation, don’t waste time scrolling through your phone – take your pet to a veterinarian right away! We like to treat these apps more like references to have in advance of an emergency. For example, if you are heading up for a hike in the hills on a sunny day, make sure and read the sections on rattlesnake bites and heatstroke before you go and be prepared with any supplies needed. The best include:

Pet First Aid by American Red CrossThis reference tool offers the most comprehensive emergency care information of any app we’ve seen (the CPR section is especially complete). It even includes some self education tools to help any pet owner recognize symptoms of an emergency before it spirals out of control.

Animal Poison Control Center Mobile App: The ASPCA Poison Control Center offers this handy reference tool. It’s got all kinds of interesting stuff to look at and may just help you ID that potentially poisonous plant you’ve been worrying about. We particularly enjoy features like the “chocolate wheel” which makes it easy to tell which signs you can expect based on the quantity and type of chocolate your pet may have ingested.

Category: Fitness Apps

Getting your pet exercised can be hard work and an app won’t make necessarily make it any easier. It may, however, reduce that barrier to entry. If simply getting your butt off the sofa is helpful, an app may be just what you need.

MapMyDogwalkThis app works just like those running or biking apps to track your pace, distance, calories, etc. You’ll receive audio feedback during your route and it can also help you set goals to help keep Fido trim.

FitBarkSimilar to the Fitbit, this requires a wearable monitor that tracks your dog’s activity and sleep patterns. The monitor attaches to your dog’s collar and it does contain a battery, so care should be taken that your dog doesn’t chew on it . With the app, you can set exercise goals and even compare your dog’s exercise level with compatriot canines. There are other wearables with similar or more advanced features (like GPS) such as Whistle, PitPat, Trax.

Category: Monitoring and Video Apps

Need to watch your pets carefully? Video monitoring is easy through all kinds of apps and many can make use of your existing video devices.

Cam2PetThis one works with a laptop or even a tablet, and has all kinds of pet-specific features. Those of you who worry about your diabetics, seniors or epileptics may want to consider this kind of app.

PetDiary: This is an easy, visual, way to monitor your dogs weight, medications, and any medical problems you need to. You can also use it to jot down when your dog does something so adorable, you just want to remember it forever! Or at least until you get a new phone.

PetDesk:  If you are a client at Goldorado Animal Hospital, this is a must have.  You can track all of your pets,  request an appointment, order Rx refills, track your pets vaccines, set calendar alarms to remind you to give medications, receive texts for pick up times, and remind you when your next appointments are.

Category: Social Apps

BringFido: Looking for a pet-friendly hotel? How about an awesome dog park, trail or beach? This is a great companion app for one of the largest pet travel websites out there. Their online community is constantly being updated to bring everybody the best recommendations.

Twindog: Have you ever thought there should be a Tinder for dogs? Good news! Somebody actually created an app that works the exact same way – now you can give your dog an opportunity to make friends near you!

Did we mention all of your favorite pet apps? Did we miss any good ones? Let us know if you have any to add to our list!