Boarding Cat CondoWhile we’re sure everybody would like to take their furry companions on vacation with them, Summer travel season is one of our busiest times at the Goldorado Pet Hotel. While your pets are away from home, our goal is making their stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Here are some tips from our Kennel Supervisor Leah to help your pet prepare for their visit:


1. Pre-packaged meals:

Dry brown pet food (dog or cat) with measure glassWhenever boarding, especially if your pet is on a special diet, measure out all their meals and put them in sandwich bags so they will be sure to get just the right amount. It also helps our staff know if your animal is stressed or if there is a medical issue, because we can easily tell when they did or didn’t eat.

2. Favorite toys:

I’m sure your pet has a few go-to toys that they can’t live without. Some of our regulars even have toys we fill with treats for playtime and to help them feel more at home. Be sure your pet can enjoy all the fun they would at home by including these comfort items.

3. Bed and blanket:

The bedding we provide comfortably keeps your pet from sleeping on the ground and allows for sanitary conditions in79345A_1000x1000 our hotel. We all know our pets are princes and princesses though, so if your pet has their favorite sleeping place, send their comfy bed or blankets to ensure a good night’s sleep.





4. Something that smells like you:

We know that you will probably miss your pet like crazy – the feeling is surely mutual! It can be helpful to send a worn t-shirt so they will have something that smells like you. Veterinary behaviorists recommend this as a calming method for dogs with separation anxiety.

5. Any medication:

This is a given, but don’t forget the meds at home! Bringing any medications and supplements in the appropriate doses will help make sure your pet receives the best health care. Additionally, our facility has skilled veterinarians and nurses to attend to any problem or answer any questions you may have.


Travelling shouldn’t be stressful, following these tips can help you take your pet’s well-being off your mind. So next time you leave town for a break, rest easy knowing your pet is getting all the care and comforts of home!