Traveling with your pet is a wonderful way to include them in family fun, but it is not without its challenges. Pet travel is now the norm as we treat our fur friends as family members.  There are numerous pet friendly lodging options and pet welcome restaurants, cafes, malls, and other fun choices in entertainment. 

The team at Goldorado Animal Hospital encourage you to make some plans to make this holiday the best (and furriest) by following some of these helpful tips.

Tips and Tricks for Safe, Happy Pet Travel

Whether you are taking a road trip or flying with your pet, there are some things to prepare for as with any travel. 

  • First, have your veterinarian do a quick check-up to ensure your pet is travel-ready and up to date on vaccines and parasite preventives.
  • Remember to get a pet health certificate, which is a must if you are flying or traveling across state lines.
  • If your pet is prone to anxiety during travel, opt for some stress reducing sprays like Bach’s Rescue Remedy or ask your veterinarian for options in medication.
  • If you are traveling via plane, follow all airline pet guidelines. We also recommend consulting a pet travel agency for the safety and comfort of your pet.
  • Pets will need to take frequent potty and rest breaks. Plan to spend some time walking your pet, or getting them out of the crate for water, to relieve themselves, and to stretch. 

Keeping Your Furry Friend Entertained

“Are we there yet?” Are we there yet?” This is the usual chorus heard by your children on a long car trip, but if your pets could talk, they’d be saying the same thing, too. Traveling on long road trips can bring boredom and your pet can act up if they don’t have enough to do. Here are some good suggestions to entertain your pet on a trip:

  • Bring plenty of toys and chew toys (dental treats and Nylabones are both great choices).
  • Make sure they are comfortable and get out of the car frequently.
  • Apps for pets and in-car videos can be a good distraction. Just pop on the Pet Channel or something your pet will love to watch.
  • Have another family member pet and comfort your pet during the long journey.
  • Some music can be soothing to pets, so bring a mix of your favorite tunes.

You may have a very busy schedule while traveling, but have you thought about your pet’s itinerary while away? Your pet will need exercise and entertainment as you are traveling and during your time away together. 

Check out pet friendly restaurants and shopping centers on sites like BringFido. Plan your pet’s day so that someone will adhere to those daily walks and playtime. Bring all of the usual toys and games your pet loves at home. If you find yourself too busy to take your pet for a walk, hire a walker. If you’re planning a human-only day trip, look into local doggie daycares or kennels so your pet has a safe place to stay.

Make a plan to visit a few interesting parks, malls, neighborhoods, or other touristy sites that allow furry ones. 

Are Your Traveling with Your Pet This Season?

Traveling with your pet can be a wonderful occasion to get out of the usual routine and form a stronger bond with them. During the holidays and New Year’s the opportunity to travel to see family and friends is high, and what better way to travel than with your precious pet companion in tow. If we can help answer any questions about safely and successfully traveling with your pet, please call us.

Happy Holidays!