It’s National Vet Tech Week, and we would like to take  a moment to celebrate our wonderful veterinary technicians. These are highly trained and dedicated individuals  that are essential to our animal hospital. Dr. Barnes and Dr. Prince will be the first to tell you that our veterinary technicians are the backbone of Goldorado Animal Hospital.

What can Veterinary Technicians do?

Registered technicians earn a bachelor’s or associate’s degree in veterinary technology.  Under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian, technicians can monitor and care for patients, obtain specimens, perform laboratory testing, take X-rays, run anesthesia, perform dental cleanings, administer medications, take blood draws and perform tests, give first aid, and much more. Often a veterinary technician will be the one to take an initial patient history and even perform a physical examination.  

Veterinary technicians are some of the busiest people in our office working hand in hand with our doctors to give your pet the best care possible. Our highly trained and talented technicians support our veterinarians in diagnosing disease, making accurate prognoses, prescribing medications, and performing surgeries.

Experienced and Skilled


tech-weekOur technicians bring a unique combination of both experience and skill; together they have combined for over 90 years in the veterinary field! Just as our doctors must stay current with new discoveries and technologies, veterinary technicians also must routinely pursue continuing education. In this way, they are able to stay up-to-date with any new advances and continue to provide top-notch care for your pet. We are so proud to have such a great group of ladies as part of our team at Goldorado Animal Hospital.

We love our technicians and hope you will join us in giving them a big THANK YOU this week!