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Just What the Doctor Ordered: A Primer on Cat Mental Health

Old lady holding cat

A Whole New Level

Cats are known to be a little… lazy. Indeed, they sleep upwards of 18 hours a day. That being said, however, if your cat is being lazier than usual it’s time to act quickly. 

Lethargy in cats can be linked to many physical ailments, but it’s equally important not to ignore it as a sign of a possible cat mental health problem.

Seismic Versus Subtle Shifts

When they are ill or injured, cats hide their symptoms. For his reason, cat owners should observe their daily routines closely. Any changes to litter box habits, grooming, appetite, vocalizations, and social interactions should be monitored. 

Similarly, ask yourself if they are eating or drinking too much or too little? Have you noticed any changes to their weight? Are they suddenly spraying outside the litter box or crying when inside it?

A Look-See

If you have any doubts about your cat’s physical health, we recommend scheduling a wellness exam. Once we rule out potential problems you can focus on building up and maintaining cat mental health at home.

Making Your Cat Happy

It’s true, cats can become bored of the same old, same old. Rotate their toys on a regular basis, never leaving items out between playtimes. Continue to invest in playthings or objects that you think might inspire them to chase, pounce, ambush, and generally have fun tuning into their feline instincts.

Bridging the Gap

One of the best ways to connect your cat’s physical and mental health states is agility training. They get a terrific workout, but it’s not just their body that will get tired. Training their mind to perform certain agility moves is excellent for cat mental health.

The Hunt Must Go On

Inspiring your kitty to tune into their primal instincts is key to cat mental health. You can turn mealtime into a hunting exercise by hiding some of their tender morsels in certain rooms. This stimulates the brain and gets them moving. Win-win!

Reduce Loneliness

Some cats prefer to live as an only pet, but many others enjoy the company of other animals. Littermates make the best companions, but if you devote yourself to the process and take it slowly, you can definitely introduce your resident cat to another feline or even a dog. 

Optimal Cat Mental Health

Aging cats have different needs than younger felines. As a result, it’s critical to remain in tune with their requirements and promote age-appropriate activities and snacks that keep them going strong. If you have additional questions or concerns about your cat’s health, please let us know. Our staff members are always happy to serve you at Goldorado Animal Hospital.