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Goldorado Animal Hospital

Laboratory at Goldorado Animal Hospital

In-House Laboratory

Goldorado Animal Hospital offers an extensive laboratory on-site, which means quicker, more accurate information for you and your pet. Our advanced facility and well-trained technicians enable us to obtain important test results within minutes. For some tests, we may utilize an external lab, in which case results are usually returned within one day.

Team member using lab equipment at Goldorado Animal Hospital

Testing for Healthy Pets

There are many benefits to conducting laboratory tests when your pet is healthy. These results can be used to establish a baseline, improving our ability to monitor your pet throughout his or her life. Since animals are known to mask pain, even slight variations can indicate a change in health. Remember, the earlier we can diagnose problems, the better treatment options we can recommend.

Other Important Tests

If your pet is scheduled for a procedure that requires anesthesia, we will perform testing beforehand to ensure your pet will not experience any adverse reactions. We will order a complete blood count (CBC), chemistry and electrolyte profiles, urinalysis, and blood clotting tests.

In addition, your pet should be tested for internal parasites, heartworm, and tick-borne diseases every year. Depending on the age of your pet, we may also suggest a blood or urine test to evaluate the function of internal organs. This also helps our team assess your pet’s overall health.

Regardless of the situation, our team will thoroughly explain any procedure and walk you through each step, answering your questions along the way. We also provide you with materials to reference at home.

At Goldorado Animal Hospital, we are here to help. Please contact us if you have questions or comments for our skilled veterinary staff who are ready to assist you.